Healthy, Relaxing

Face and Body Skin Care


Classic Facial

Our Classic Facial Option includes: Deep cleanse, natural pH correction, penetrating moisturizer, and refreshing aloe vera mask treatment with decollete massage to rejuvenate your look. Quick way to brighten your skin and your day!


Wellness Facial

The Wellness Facial uses skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions accompanied by a wellness mud mask to firm up and strengthen your cellular tissue, improve your skin's elasticity, and all while restoring your skin with natural anti-aging properties. You will fell both healthy and beautiful after this treatment!


Ultrasonic Facial

An Ultrasonic Facial is a great way to detox your skin! Thorough cleanse, Ultrasonic detoxification, exfoliation, needed extractions, pH balance, oil control therapy mask, decollete massage, finished with soothing moisturizer.


Anti-Aging Facial

Get younger feeling skin with the Anti-Aging Facial Treatment. Deep cleanse, massage, non-surgical face lift, oxidizing therapy, eye lift, firming serum, line cream, pH balancing toner and refreshing moisturizer. This really takes you back!.



The Microdermabrasion Facial is a great way to brighten, correct and reduce lines in your skin! Cleanse, massage, microdermabrasion, oxidizing therapy, appropriate mask, pH balancing toner and soothing moisturizer.


Acne Treatment

This facial is awesome for teens and young adults! Deep pore cleanse, massage, exfoliate, needed extractions, oil control therapy, anti-blemish mud mask, spot treatment, pH balancing toner, moisturizer, and ask about natural hormone cream.


Back Cleansing Facial

Facials aren't just for your face! Sea salt scrub to exfoliate and cleanse back to relieve acne, itching and in grown hairs. The salt is anti bacterial, relaxing and rejuvenates your skin. Finished with mud mask and soothing moisturizer.


Soy Hair Removal

Looking for hair removal or a waxing treatment. Our soy hair removal is a preferred option as it is not hot and does not irritate the skin. It also goes deeper, removing more of the hair which gives you more time between treaments!


Lash & Brow Tinting

All natural lash tint and brow tint gives you a better look than make up and lets you skip the mascara for weeks! Love seeing how excited first timers are!


Facial Peels

We offer a couple different facial peel options depending on the issues you wish to address. I can help you decide how best to treat sun damage, wrinkles, lines, and any other particular thing you want to address. We have a way to help you get back to the skin you love!


Custom Facials & Treatment

I love talking to people about what they want specifically from a facial or treatment. If you tell me what you want to accomplish, we can come up with a plan for you. I am always adding new services to expand the ways to help my clients. You don't need to decide before you come in, so just set up an appointment and we can decide when you get there! See you soon!